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The transition from middle school to high school represents an increase in academic demands and expectations, which can lead to school-related stress and academic struggles. We created learning resources and study skills courses to aid in academic success while eliminating stress. Success in high school requires a unique set of skills and strategies to establish a strong foundation for effective learning. Stress-free, independent learning is the key to reaching one's full potential.

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Ever feel like you've run out of answers when it comes to your child's schooling? Don't know where to turn? Consult with us, we will provide insight, resources, and solutions to address your situation. The Ask the Teacher Feature allows All Access Pass Members to submit inquiries to our education experts. We are always available to provide support to our members!

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Study Skills Courses

Learn the skills necessary for effective independent learning! Our eLearning courses teach students executive function skills to build a strong foundation for success. Students will learn proper learning strategies, taking the stress out of schoolwork.

Out of this World Features

Our online courses are made to be interactive and fun, including features like images and audio to help fit your learning style.


Learn better by listening? We have you covered! Our courses include audio and visual help.


Test your knowledge, review, and test again! Our no-pressure quizzes are designed to help, not stress you out.

Take Your Time

Need to take a section slower? Already know some of the material? Slow down or breeze through at your own pace.


Collect certificates after completing lessons in your personal dashboard.


Download worksheets and handouts available to enhance the learning experience!

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