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During all of our years in the classroom, we came to realize that most middle and high school students lack study skills. Most schools do not teach these skills because they have mandated curriculum to teach. We began to search for available study skills resources but there was not much available. There were no available courses to teach adolescents these vital executive function skills (study skills) and there was not much information available for parents. We were very surprised that we could not find many resources, because it is a known fact that students must possess certain skills and strategies in order to be able to effectively learn in a classroom. Our little group of educators got together and created courses to teach adolescents executive function skills to allow these students to be able to assess a situation, devise a plan, and execute the plan with the proper strategies. We began teaching the courses at different schools and the feedback was so positive that we decided to put our courses online to make study skills available to more students. We also create supplemental resources that serve as learning guides for students as they complete assignments. School, too often creates undue stress for students and parents and it should not be that way. Our courses, supplemental resources, blog posts, and education consultations are here for you to achieve stress-free success!


We've had the privilege of forming great relationships with many educators over the years. We are very fortunate to have some of these great minds contribute to Take Us Higher Learning in the form of blog posts and educational resource design. Camille is the brains behind our operation, she takes all the ideas and information, smooths it out, and creates the resources you see today.

Camille Hagerty
Lead Course and Content Designer

Camille is a wife and mother born and raised in Houston, Texas. Camille graduated from the University of Houston in 2010 with a B.A. in Political Science. She taught middle school for ten years and has been a study skills content designer for the past three years. Camille specializes in creating online courses and supplemental resources for adolescents to aid in the development of executive function skills. Recently, she taught study skills courses both in person and virtually helping students achieve success!