Spring break is over, but schools are still closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  This means your children are at home every hour of everyday for at least a couple more weeks.  These are certainly uncharted waters for all of us.  Most schools will be engaging students in some form of distance learning which means you as a parent become the de facto teacher.  With this responsibility comes the task of planning your child’s day from start to finish.  You might find that the most difficult aspect of scheduling will be how to fill the gaps in which your child is not participating in the school mandated distance learning.  Most activities you find online are geared toward smaller children in an attempt to keep the young ones busy.  An even greater challenge is finding activities to engage adolescents during this long layoff from school.  It seems easier to keep children in this older age group busy because most of them have access to electronic devices to occupy their time.  As we know, extended use of electronic devices for social media surfing, gaming, etc., can be detrimental, especially during this period of quarantine.  There is an added responsibility for parents to constantly police their children regarding electronic devices while children are at home 24/7, as opposed to physically being away at school.

Discovery and Enrichment

We are offering parents access to enrichment activities for their adolescents, during these uncertain times.  Our All Access Pass (which is normally $149/year) is FREE right now, if you signup before 06/03/2020.  The All Access Pass is a full one year subscription allowing access to all of our online content.  If you sign up for an All Access Pass and use the discount code: FREE (all caps) at checkout, you will not be charged anything and you and your child will have access to our nine life-changing eLearning courses.  Make this a time of discovery and enrichment.  Turn a situation that is filled with fear and uncertainty into a period of growth and achievement.  Our courses allow you and your child to discover best suited learning styles and strategies together, allowing for a less stressful path to the end of this school year.  The silver lining in this whole situation is that we are allowed extra time to focus on improving ourselves in facets of life that we may have previously neglected.  We guarantee that your child will be a better student upon completion of our online courses.

  • Self-Evaluation
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Memory Strategies
  • Improving Study Habits
  • Taking Notes in Class
  • Reading and Taking Notes from Textbooks
  • Getting Organized and Managing Your Time
  • Preparing for and Taking Tests
  • The Literary Analysis Essay Made Easy

Students will learn the following skills:


Achieving strategic flexibility for success.  Determining the learning style and strategies best suited for you.


Owning your actions and learning from your mistakes.  Harnessing failure to fuel desire for success, instead of spiraling deeper into failure.

Planning and Goal Setting

Determining what needs to be accomplished and creating a timetable for achievement.  Setting short-term goals in pursuit of long-term success.


Everything has a place and everything is in its place.  Creating clean and organized binder, locker, and backpack.

Time Management

Using time wisely and learning how to schedule what needs to be done.  Study skills to maximize time, eliminating wasted time.  Creating and following daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

Essay Writing

Steps to writing a well-constructed essay.  Breaking down the prompt.  Creating effective introduction, focus statement, and topic sentences.  How to embed quotes and formulate citations and commentary.  Developing a creative conclusion.

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