Interview With a Teacher: Distance Learning During Coronavirus Pandemic


Schools are closed across the country and our education system has shifted to distance learning, for the foreseeable future. This is quite a seismic shift in the education world. Most people rushed to internet search engines looking for information and advice regarding distance learning. After a couple weeks of distance learning, most information online talks … Read More

The Responsibility of Learning

Adolescence, Study Skills

Should teachers or students be responsible for learning? This is a question that is seemingly easy to answer but very difficult to put into play. If you ask any teacher, they will say that they need to develop out of this world lessons that reach every student in their classroom, but the students must also … Read More

Time to Check in With Your Child

Adolescence, Study Skills

Have you ever heard the term “pivotal point”?  Well, this is your captain speaking, we have arrived at our destination.  Right now is a pivotal point in the school year for students.  The word pivotal is defined as, “of critical importance in relation to the development or success of something else”.  We all hope for … Read More

ADHD Home Therapy

Study Skills

Parents of children that suffer from ADHD often feel lost.  You are experiencing an ongoing struggle to find answers to understand what is going on with your child.  It is heartbreaking to witness your child struggling with impulse control, attentiveness, planning, and organizing.  Most of all, it is heartbreaking to see your child struggling in … Read More

Be Prepared for High School: 8 Study Skills for Success

Study Skills

Change is hard.  Throughout our lives we transition from stage to stage and are presented with challenges during each transition.  Change is hard enough for adults, but imagine how hard change must be for adolescents.  More specifically, the transition from middle school to high school is especially cumbersome.  As with any transition we face in … Read More

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay


It’s lit…erary analysis.  When you think literary analysis essay what comes to mind?  Thesis, topic sentence, introduction, conclusion, quotes, commentary, prompt, etcetera, etcetera.  For students it’s more like; Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!  Literary analysis can be very scary because of the complexity and scrupulous manner in which the literary work must be … Read More

Back to School Tips: Getting Your Kids Ready for School

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Overcome the BIG DREAD After a break, it is natural to dread returning to a routine that involves work. Adults experience it and so do kids.  It is a tough and stressful transition from summer to the school year.  This transition can cause strain on the family.  Parents should attempt to turn that stress into … Read More

Teenage Stress, Part 2


In Teenage Stress, Part 1, we discussed the causes and possible results of adolescent stress.  According to the Challenge Success Program at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, the type of teenage stress they see the most is school-related.  The transition to high school can be especially difficult with heavy workloads and frequent tests.  These … Read More