Teenage Stress, Part 1


How many times have you expressed the impossible desire to be young again, free from the worries of the adult world?   The days of care-free living are often associated in our minds with our teenage years.  The reality is that teens experience stress as often, and with the same level of intensity, as adults.  Adults … Read More

How to Keep Your Kids Sharp This Summer

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Ahh Summer!  What a wonderful time of year.  The grass is green, the birds are singing, trees are in full leaf, butterflies are aflutter…oh, and school is out!  Students have been working hard for almost 9 months now; in the classroom grinding day in and day out, and outside of the classroom with homework, projects, … Read More

Homework Therapy at Your Fingertips

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NY Times– Dr. Hillman, 30, represents a new niche in the $100 billion tutoring industry. Neither a traditional tutor nor a straight-up therapist, she is an amalgam of the two. “Homework therapists,” as they are now sometimes called, administer academic help and emotional support as needed. Via Skype, email and text, and during pricey one-on-one sessions, … Read More

Pathways to Success in School

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The Challenges of Adolescence Physical & Cognitive Development Frontal lobes may not be fully developed until halfway through the third decade of life. Home to key components of the neural circuitry underlying “executive functions” such as planning, working memory, and impulse control (which can lead to stress and anxiety). Reflecting the complexities of brain development, … Read More

Setting & Achieving Goals

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The only way to judge the ongoing effectiveness of your strategy is to evaluate your results.  Success should always be measured as progress toward the accomplishment of goals. Goals are Part of Life How do you define success?  We hear this question all the time, as people embark on a journey to achieve what they … Read More

The Skill of Self-Evaluation

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Our platform exists to provide students the opportunity to learn skills that will aid in the effective conquest of schoolwork.  Our Self-Evaluation course is all about laying a foundation of skills that will lead students down a path to success.  The Self-Evaluation course allows students to achieve strategic flexibility and determine which strategies work best … Read More

The Road to Stress-Free, Independent Learning

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Welcome to Take Us Higher Learning We are so glad you found us! We want to take a moment to explain what we are all about. We created a unique platform to provide students with elite instruction in many aspects of academia. Take Us Higher Learning is composed of a multi-faceted group of educators that … Read More