Free ISEE Practice Test (Upper Level)

Students accepted by their first-choice school used these practice questions to ACE the ISEE! You do not have to create an account, subscribe to an email list, or scroll through advertisements! The practice questions are automatically graded as soon as each section is completed. Students can retake the tests as many times as needed! If … Read More

Preparing For & Taking Tests

This course will be useful to students who do well on assignments but are not good test takers. For students that already do well on tests, this course will help you to do even better. This course teaches students: How to prepare for tests How to approach tests on test day Strategies to ace all … Read More

Memory Strategies

The essence of learning is hearing or reading, then remembering, then thinking analytically and creatively about what was remembered. As with any other task, there are a number of different ways of memorizing effectively.  The strategy you choose may be dictated by the content of what you must memorize.  It could also be that you … Read More

Taking Notes In Class

Teachers present information in class using a variety of approaches.  The student must determine the technique the teacher is using in order to effectively understand the critical pieces being presented. This course provides the student with a strategy for recognizing the different presentation methods, and deciphering the most important facts presented. It will also provide … Read More

Reading & Taking Notes From Textbooks

Students can never escape the fact that effective learning must include strategies for reading and effectively summarizing what is read. This course provides students with approaches that make reading interesting, and note-taking specific to what is most important. This course teaches students: How to change this task from boring to interesting and exciting How to … Read More

Improving Your Study Habits

While the strategies you select are critical, your approach to studying and doing homework is equally important. Learning is a process, and the way you go about the process will dictate your success in the application of the strategies you have chosen. This course teaches students: How to establish an effective study plan before getting … Read More

Getting Organized & Managing Your Time

Educators are consistent in their evaluation of academic failure.  When asked why their students are not as successful as they could be, poor organization and ineffective time management are most often cited as the root causes. This course teaches students: The binder system- how to assemble and maintain an organized binder How to establish and maintain … Read More

Setting & Achieving Goals

The only way to judge the ongoing effectiveness of your strategy is to evaluate your results.  Success should always be measured as progress toward the accomplishment of goals. This course teaches students: Goal setting as a tool to build a pattern of success How to set clear, achievable, measureable, pertinent, self-controlled goals How to properly … Read More

Student Self-Evaluation

In order to determine the strategies that are best suited to your talents, you must go through a process of self-evaluation. The result will be an understanding of your individual strengths, and the strategies that best fit your individual learning styles. This course takes students through the self-evaluation process allowing you to: Create a personalized … Read More