It’s lit…erary analysis.  When you think literary analysis essay what comes to mind?  Thesis, topic sentence, introduction, conclusion, quotes, commentary, prompt, etcetera, etcetera.  For students it’s more like; Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!  Literary analysis can be very scary because of the complexity and scrupulous manner in which the literary work must be analyzed in order to construct a good essay.  Well we did it again, we created a course to get rid of the lions and tigers and bears.  The Literary Analysis Essay Made Easy!  Now that’s something, the word “easy” in the same sentence as “literary analysis essay.”  We broke it down, step by step.  We took the mountain and whittled it back down to a molehill.  Parents, take a minute and ask your children if they could use some help with literary analysis- more importantly ask your child if they could use help with ANALYSIS of material in any subject at all.  Students, if you are reading this, find a mirror and ask yourself these same questions.

Check out the 5 reasons that our course “The Literary Analysis Essay Made Easy” is such a useful tool below.

An Aid for Analysis of Any Type

The course that we created and are introducing here is very versatile in the sense that it teaches students the skill of analysis of material.  For our purposes in this course, we focus on literary analysis in order to write a well-constructed essay.  It can be said that any subject in academia requires careful analysis of information in order to achieve a successful end result.  Students are challenged every day to analyze information presented to them and find the importance whether it be for a quiz, test, research paper, etc.  Our course teaches strategies to effectively analyze scholastic information and achieve success in doing so, no matter the subject at hand.

Teaches Effective and Successful Organization of Thoughts

The biggest issue students have when it comes to writing a literary analysis essay is being overwhelmed by all the material presented and being unable to organize their thoughts to put on paper.  Think about any piece of literature and the inundation of material that can lead to different thoughts on themes, plots, characters, setting, structure, point of view, conflict, diction, and so on and so forth.  Brings me back to the Wizard of Oz reference from earlier.  In all seriousness, this is a lot to take in, dissect, and come out with a structured and organized set of thoughts in order to produce a well-constructed essay.  The title of the course is “The Literary Analysis Essay Made Easy”, easy is the key word because this course teaches students how to simplify all the information presented to them and successfully organize their thoughts in preparation for writing a good essay.

A Guide for Students Who Were Lost in Class

It happens.  Some students do not grasp the full meaning of information presented to them while sitting in class.  The problem is if a student is lost, oftentimes it will lead to a feeling of hopelessness and a D- essay.  We have for you a guide in which students can access online at any time and this guide offers the opportunity to the student to learn at their own pace.  If a student was sitting in class and did not understand how to analyze the piece of literature at hand, no problem, fire up and we’ll teach you.  If a student was sitting in class and didn’t quite understand the concept of how to embed text evidence in the body paragraph as a part of an essay; no problem, fire up and we’ll teach you.  I will say this 100 times if I have to; this course is literally a step by step guide of how to write a literary analysis essay.  Wow.

Each Part of the Essay is Broken Down

There are many parts to the essay, and it is important for each part to be written well and flow into the next part of the essay.  There are many parts but they all add up to make the whole essay.  Our course takes a look inside of every part of the lit analysis essay and thoroughly explains how to successfully construct each part of the essay.  This is not a general overview that you will find from a search on your favorite search engine.  This course teaches students piece by piece how to write an essay that is sure to be great.

Real Examples of Each Element of the Literary Analysis Essay

As I said earlier, we take a look inside each part of the essay.  But, even more, we offer real examples from a real piece of literature.  We have in this course: sample focus statements (thesis), sample topic sentence, sample body paragraphs complete with text evidence (quotes), I could go on and on.  But this is huge because it is a tool that students can reference when writing an essay.  It takes students on a step by step journey to the construction of a good essay.  Think of it as a formula in which the student will just have to plug in certain information to write a successful lit analysis essay.  I will leave you with the formula for an effective focus statement provided in our course “The Literary Analysis Essay Made Easy” to brighten up your day.

The formula for an effective focus statement:  author, title, type of text, tone with strong verb, literal situation, figurative representation, and theme.