Welcome to Take Us Higher Learning

We are so glad you found us! We want to take a moment to explain what we are all about. We created a unique platform to provide students with elite instruction in many aspects of academia. Take Us Higher Learning is composed of a multi-faceted group of educators that have recognized educational needs in young people, and are creating dynamic courses to satisfy these needs. Our mission is in our name. We want to take students higher, above and beyond the status quo of instruction and learning. Our courses are designed to provide students with skills and knowledge to simplify and enrich the educational experience. We describe our courses as life-changing because we believe that these courses will positively impact the student’s avenue toward success. Our courses feature text, audio, images, worksheets, handouts, and quizzes to create a unique and effective learning experience.

Systematic Learning Strategies

Our courses are designed to teach students how to learn and help eliminate the stress of schoolwork. Take a minute to think about everything you’ve learned and the knowledge you possess. You had to process information in order to LEARN what you know. What method or methods did you use to process that information to ensure that it stuck in your long-term memory? In school, children are given tons of material and expected to learn this material by way of instruction in the classroom, homework assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. Our course teaches students HOW TO LEARN the material.  The courses available on our website were created to teach students strategies needed to learn effectively.


This is a period in which young people are challenged with physical and psychological changes, as well as the angst of personal advancement in many aspects of life. Adolescence is a very vital time in the life of a human because it is a time when one must grow cognitively by learning how to think abstractly and multi-dimensionally, while developing socially in preparation for the assumption of adult roles.


So just think about a student who is involved in extracurricular activities, as well as having the challenge of keeping up with schoolwork while developing friendships and meeting the responsibilities of family relationships. Most adolescents view academia as their least fulfilling activity. During this time of change, there are other aspects of life that young people value much more than school. We think this is because school is viewed as demanding, complex and difficult, thus creating unwanted stress for adolescents. The balancing act between various aspects of life becomes too stressful, and most of the stress is identified with schoolwork. This is because these young people have not been taught how to simplify school work by using strategies to effectively learn the coursework that is presented to them. A student’s academic struggles become struggles for parents/guardians at home because the stress and demand of completing school work and achieving good grades boils over into the home life. In addition, it is no secret that struggling academically causes stressors that could lead to cheating, lack of sleep, escape through social media, and other poor choices. Parents want success and happiness for their children. Adolescents have a hard time seeing the correlation between academic success and happiness in life. Parents, on the other hand, absolutely understand that academic success is the foundation for later success and happiness in life. The differences of perspectives between parent and child can create a divide in the home life.

This is where we come in!

By subscribing to our website, you will have access to courses that teach Systematic Learning Strategies. We have been teaching these courses in person for years. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the parents and teachers of the students that have completed these courses. We decided to make our courses available to everyone via the worldwide web, so that we can help to reduce the stresses associated with learning in school for many, many more young people.  Our courses use digital instruction and supplementary worksheets to provide a “learn at your own pace” experience.  We encourage students and parents/guardians to complete the course together. Discussion is a huge part of our learning experience. These courses will teach students and parents self-evaluation, setting achievable goals, getting organized and managing your time, improving your study habits, taking notes in class, reading and taking notes, memory strategies, and preparing for and taking tests. Systematic Learning Strategies facilitates the mastery and effective employment of executive function skills in the learning process. We hope that you try this course in order to ease the stress and demands of learning often experienced by your children in school.