Resource Library

All of our resources are hand crafted and designed to help adolescents develop executive functioning, independent learning, and social-emotional learning skills. We created these enrichment resources because we want students to learn the skills and strategies necessary for success in school. Browse the resource library to find tools to boost academic achievement and reduce stress for students!

These resources are great for teachers to use in the classroom as well as for parents to use at home.


Time Management Handout (Free)

Mastering time management can be tough for students. These time management resources will give students real practice with planning and help them see the benefits of scheduling study time and work time for long-term projects.

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Goal Setting Lesson & Activities

Teach the importance of goal setting to middle school and high school students. Students will learn how to determine their strengths and weaknesses in a self-assessment, how to set effective goals using the CAMP Success strategy, and how to use tools to monitor their progress toward achieving their goals. The interactive lesson (pdf & ppsx option) offers an explanation and activities to show how to self-assess, set effective goals, and monitor your own progress. Includes a 14 slide presentation and 6 student handout pages.

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