Our platform exists to provide students the opportunity to learn skills that will aid in the effective conquest of schoolwork.  Our Self-Evaluation course is all about laying a foundation of skills that will lead students down a path to success.  The Self-Evaluation course allows students to achieve strategic flexibility and determine which strategies work best to conquer tasks such as reading comprehension, solving math problems, note-taking, summarizing, writing paragraphs and essays, and preparing for TESTS.

The Lost Skill

Self-Evaluation seems to be a lost skill in our ever-hastening world.  There is a sense of go, go, go and do, do, do; instead of slowing down and evaluating what we are actually doing.  Life is more task-oriented than it ever has been and it feels like the general consensus is to identify the tasks we need to accomplish and make an absolute beeline toward the accomplishment.  Oftentimes when we reach the end of the road to task completion, we realize that we did not successfully accomplish the goal that we set out to achieve.  Yet, we can fall into the pattern of using the same strategies and techniques over and over again, even after experiencing a negative outcome.  We do not think about slowing down, reflecting, and identifying strategies to effectively accomplish a task.  We are so accustomed to being given an assignment and a deadline, and being set free to complete the assignment.  Now for some practicality.


I am a High School junior and I have a five-page research paper due on Friday.  It is now Wednesday and I have not started because I forgot to set my goal and I forgot to set my goal because I am not good at getting organized and managing my time.  All I can think about is the Friday deadline because if I do not turn in the paper by Friday I will get a ZERO.  At this point, I do not have time to practice the skill of Self-Evaluation.  I do not have time to slow down and answer the important questions of what, how, why, and when.  I have to make a beeline toward Friday; I do not have time to step back and determine which strategies would be best for me to use to write a superb research paper.  So, I turn it in on Friday and I don’t get a ZERO, but I get a 65.  And I will use these same patterns and practices when I have another research paper due because I did not learn the skill of Self-Evaluation.

Strategic Flexibility

Self-Evaluation teaches students to slow down and identify their strengths (what they are good at) and challenges (things they need to improve).  Self-Evaluation also teaches the student how to ultimately “Know Yourself”.  The student will be able to determine which learning strategies are best suited for their individual talents and what works best for them.  We teach the student how to develop an understanding of why certain strategies seem to work so well and why other strategies don’t seem to work at all.  Everyone has a different learning style; we will teach you how to understand which strategies best fit your individual learning style.

Take our course to unlock strategic flexibility by trying multiple strategies instead of just focusing on the strategy that will get you from assignment to deadline the quickest way possible.