St. Pius X High School is providing summer sessions in the most proven study skills curriculum available, the Take Us Higher Learning program.  This program was developed to provide students the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in school.  The goal is to create and hone executive functioning skills in adolescents to reduce school related stress on the path to academic achievement.  Success in school is not solely dependent upon intellectual ability; students must also learn strategies to effectively approach learning.  Through instruction, thought, and discussion SPX Study Skills Camp teaches the fundamentals of learning to help students work smarter, not harder.  This program is unique because it allows students access to the online version of the course to serve as a resource for practical application of the skills and strategies learned during the camp.

SPX Summer Study Skills Camp will have two separate sessions available for registration, the sessions will be conducted as follows:

Session 1: July 14-16, 9am-12pm

Session 2: July 21-23, 9am-12pm

These sessions will be conducted on the St. Pius X High School campus.

SPX Study Skills Camp consists of eight major units of instruction:

  • Self-Evaluation
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Memory Strategies
  • Improving Study Habits
  • Taking Notes in Class
  • Reading and Taking Notes from Textbooks
  • Getting Organized and Managing Your Time
  • Preparing for and Taking Tests

Students will learn the following skills:


Achieving strategic flexibility for success.  Determining the learning style and strategies best suited for you.


Owning your actions and learning from your mistakes.  Harnessing failure to fuel desire for success, instead of spiraling deeper into failure.

Planning and Goal Setting

Determining what needs to be accomplished and creating a timetable for achievement.  Setting short-term goals in pursuit of long-term success.


Everything has a place and everything is in its place.  Creating clean and organized binder, locker, and backpack.

Time Management

Using time wisely and learning how to schedule what needs to be done.  Study skills to maximize time, eliminating wasted time.  Creating and following daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

Registration includes 9 hours of classroom instruction and 1-year all access pass to the online version of the program on

Students will have this as a resource for practice and skill development throughout the academic year.

Camp cost: $400

There is limited space for SPX Study Skills Camp, reserve your spot today!