Time to Check in With Your Child

Adolescence, Study Skills

Have you ever heard the term “pivotal point”?  Well, this is your captain speaking, we have arrived at our destination.  Right now is a pivotal point in the school year for students.  The word pivotal is defined as, “of critical importance in relation to the development or success of something else”.  We all hope for … Read More

Setting & Achieving Goals

Study Skills

The only way to judge the ongoing effectiveness of your strategy is to evaluate your results.  Success should always be measured as progress toward the accomplishment of goals. Goals are Part of Life How do you define success?  We hear this question all the time, as people embark on a journey to achieve what they … Read More

The Skill of Self-Evaluation

Study Skills

Our platform exists to provide students the opportunity to learn skills that will aid in the effective conquest of schoolwork.  Our Self-Evaluation course is all about laying a foundation of skills that will lead students down a path to success.  The Self-Evaluation course allows students to achieve strategic flexibility and determine which strategies work best … Read More