Looking for an idea for Teacher Appreciation Week? This is the perfect time to celebrate teachers’ hard work and dedication. Administrators should be focused on the well-being of teachers all year long but should especially pump up their appreciation and support during this week. Many teachers put in way more time than their contract hours and use their own money for their classroom needs. A little show of appreciation goes a long way in helping teachers relieve some stress and boost the morale of the school community

How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts, right? This little rule of thumb is golden when it comes to Teacher Appreciation Week. The key is to show gratitude for teachers’ hard work and dedication. There are so many great ideas of themes for each day or the whole week. Having fun with a theme is a great way to get people in the spirit! But, when it comes to the gifts teachers receive, my best advice is to make it something teachers really want. There is a good chance that they don’t need another coffee mug, a reusable straw, or a notepad. A bag of chips or a cookie is always a nice treat but does it really show how much you appreciate the hard work of teachers? If you really want to do something for teachers that show how much you care, then the best gift would be finding a way to help relieve their stress. There are many ways to celebrate teachers, and I’ve rounded up some of the best to help you get an idea for teacher appreciation week. Let’s give teachers what they really want- Spoiler: it’s not food!

Smiling teacher sitting in classroom with text that reads "what would show teachers that you truly appreciate all they do?"

Creative Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Find some time during the week to have some fun with the teachers! Showing them a good time and recognizing them for their efforts adds to building a positive school culture and helps to boost morale. 

Creative Ideas to Have Fun with Teachers:

  • Host “Teacher Swap”- Have the teachers swap classrooms and teach another subject for a class. Not only can teachers have some fun with this but it will also raise some appreciation for all the content areas. The goal is not to add more work to a teacher’s plate so go easy on any observations. Let teachers choose the subject they want to swap with to test out the idea of the grass being greener on the other side.
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt- Hide items like gift cards, coupons, or small gifts around the school and see who can find them throughout the day!
  • Hold a Teacher Appreciation Awards Ceremony- This is a fun activity with just the teachers or even in front of the students. Recognize them for their accomplishments and maybe even throw in some laughter with these funny teachers’ superlative awards.
  • Host a Teacher Talent Show- Let the teachers show off in a talent show. I bet teaching teenagers how to solve equations isn’t the only talent in the math department!
Teacher in classroom pointing to a teacher superlative award she received. The award reads "certificate of excellence-Kid Whisperer Award".

Daily Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Make each day of the week extra special for the teachers. Make it your goal to help relieve the stress of the teachers a little each day. You can easily do this without having some extravagant idea or event planned and best of all these ideas can all be done for free!

Ideas for What Teachers Really Want Each Day:

  • Dress-down days- Let the teachers dress down and wear jeans every day. If you chose a theme for the week, have daily dress-up ideas that go along with the theme.
  • Designate a “Teacher of the Day”- Choose a teacher or two each day to highlight. Announce their accomplishments and give them a little something extra to show your appreciation.
  • Give teachers extra time- Hand out late arrival, early dismissal, and extra planning period coupons to the teachers. Plan ahead to have these times covered without worry.
Group of teachers with text listing what teachers really want. The list includes to feel valued, stress-relief, acknowledgement, and time.

Teachers are challenged every day to motivate and grow the students in their classes. They deserve acknowledgment all the time but especially during Teacher Appreciation Week. Show your teachers how much you care and appreciate all they do!